Climate in Crisis

NBC News has created a new climate unit dedicated to covering the global environment. As part of its debut, NBC News, MSNBC, Telemundo and NBC News Digital will present “Climate in Crisis,” a week-long series beginning Sunday, Sept. 15.

MSNBC Climate Forum 2020

Booker: History will judge us. Where did you stand when the planet was in peril?

Bullock: Elected reps waste half their time campaigning when they could be effecting change

Bernie Sanders: I'd look into criminal charges against fossil fuel executives

Yang: Our current government is 'out to lunch' on climate change

Julián Castro: Historic floods are 'happening ever other year'

Michael Bennet: Citizens United created a 'corruption of inaction' on climate change

Delaney on vision to build a 'carbon thru-way'

Marianne Williamson suggests national mandatory service for people age 18-26

Rep. Ryan: Get people to fight climate change by helping them to make money off it

Julián Castro: Vote for candidates at the local, state, and federal levels who have a climate plan

Climate in Crisis: Top Video

Top MSNBC clips

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